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Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Annual Convention Materials Available - Co-workers
Greetings, Co-Workers!

Uploaded to the Missoula Moose website are the WOTM Registration Form for the upcoming MTMA Annual Convention in Whitefish. Under the Documents link above. We would love to see a big turnout in Whitefish!

A few notes about the convention that aren't included on the forms: The College of Regents luncheon will be held Friday at the Lodge. Past International Officers will meet for lunch Saturday at the Lodge. The themed dinner is Friday night, and the theme is "Secret Agent Moose." (You will be given a secret spy identity when you arrive at the masquerade, and the Friday evening event will include mystery, intrigue and dinner theater.)

The convention hotel is the Pine Lodge. The Pine Lodge does offer a (limited) continental breakfast. Breakfast will be available at the Whitefish Moose Lodge each morning as well.

I've also attached the Montana Moose Association's Meal and Registration Form. Co-workers can use this form to reserve meal tickets for the convention, or they can purchase the meals on site (the prices are the same, whether purchased now or later).

Both the MTMA and WOTM expect to have detailed agendas available by the end of this month, with all the session times and details. I will send another email just as soon as I get that information. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions.

Hope everyone is having a great summer; see you in Whitefish in the fall!

Stefanie Thompson
Montana Deputy Grand Regent
Women of the Moose
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